Images on glass pricing

'Bee Hives C'

There are 2 components that make up a printed 'image on glass' splashback price (all prices include GST)  : 

1 - Splashback 'image on glass' license & graphic design costs  Paid direct to Lucy G Photography.

- The license to use the image for your own personal splashback - $345 + gst (one-off payment)
- 1st hour of Photoshop / layout / graphic work / montage / artwork options  - $150 + gst
- Further hours of Photoshop / layout / graphic work / montage / artwork options / file setup for print / graphic changes - $99 + gst per hour.   Once the final image is chosen, the artwork file setup for a 'print ready' file takes approximately 1 hour - this includes checking the whole digital file at a pixel level, cropping it as necessary, adjusting the colours / levels / contrast to suit the colour profile of the glass printer, adding any necessary filters for optimal print results etc.   Even if the file setup takes longer than 1 hour, only 1 hour will be charged at the reduced rate of $99 + gst per hour and this 'file setup' charge is waivered if any other graphic design work has been done for your splashback job.
- Site visits (up to 20mins away from Auckland CBD) are free.  For locations outside this radius we suggest sending through some photos of your kitchen and splashback area and arranging a 'phone meeting' to discuss your brief.

2 - Site measure, splashback glass, printing to glass and installation  Paid direct to the glass company.

- Prices below are estimates only and give a price 'guide.'
- They include site measure, glass cost, image to glass printing cost & installation.
- Powerpoints, tricky cutouts, corners, extra large lengths and angles are just a few things that add to the overall cost which is why the prices below represent an 'estimate' only.
- Also different glass/printing companies have different price structures.  Prices below are based upon pricing guides from the companies that I work with.
-Note that 'Lucy G Splashbacks' is a completely separate company to the glass & printing companies listed and Lucy will work together with you and the chosen Glass Company to make the process as smooth as possible but takes no responsibility for the actions or outcomes of the chosen glass / printing company.


Estimate guide for printing and glass cost.

Estimate guide for printing and glass cost.